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Small amount of input – huge effect

To prevent the occurrence of vein conditions, plan a few minutes for this short
exercise programme into your day – you will only achieve the benefits though
regular training.

Besides, it’s a good idea to move regularly, take part in sporting activities on a frequent basis, reduce weight, avoid heavy carrying and lifting, often put your legs up, avoid strong external sources of heat and consume alcohol moderately (alcohol distends the blood vessels).
Cold showers from foot to the groin help the veins to contract. Salves, gels, lotions or sprays with horse chestnut or red vine leaf extract can also keep the drive in your stride.

1. Warming up - 30 secs

Always start with this exercise.
“Cycle“ on your back in smooth, flowing motion for approx. 30 secs.

2. Stretching - 5 x each leg

Walking position: keep tension in the calf of the extended leg for 15 seconds,
then change.Repeat 5 times.

3. Rolling - 15–20 x

Whilst sitting, raise and lower your heels in turn.Repeat 15–20 times.

4. High legs - 15–20 x

Alternately lift the knees until your leg is at a right angle.
At the same time lift the heel of the supporting leg. Repeat 15–20 times.

5. Leg-pulls - 10 x each leg

Lying on your back, pull your leg into your chest.Repeat 10 times.

6. Rowing - 5 x

In a sitting position, simultaneously lift both extended legs, pulling arms to body.
Then bend both legs and extend the arms forward.Repeat 5 times.