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Hints for healthy veins

Nature tip:
Contrast leg showers in the morning and evening also have an analeptic effect, since they increase the tension in the blood vessels and improve the performance of the immune system.
High-heeled shoes are torture for feet and veins. It’s better to wear comfortable shoes with flat soles. Or even better, go barefoot from time to time.

Body shape tip:
Being overweight places additional strain on your legs. You should try to balance
your diet and regularly check your weight

Daytime tip:
You can do the following “rolling” exercise anywhere, again and again, at any time
during the day: in the office, on the bus, in the car,watching TV ...

Relief tip:
A height difference of approx. 1.5 m has to be overcome for blood to flow to the heart. Therefore, raise your legs at every opportunity – this decongests the veins.

Temperature tip:
Heat distends blood vessels and can lead to congestion. Avoid long periods of sunbathing, sauna without alternating hot and cold water applications and water that is too hot.

Travel tip:
Always try to get up and move around when travelling by plane, car, coach or
train. Activate the calf muscle pump by doing foot gymnastics and – very importantly
in the case of long-haul flights – drink plenty, regularly.