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Basic medical knowledge

The venous system may be simplified into two systems: one that lies beneath the skin and covers the surface of the body, and a second that runs between the muscles and bones and carries the main volum [...]

Venous disorders

Healthy and attractive legs need to be cared for. In young people this happens automatically. However, there comes a time when your body starts to need gradually more care and attention. If minor venous disorders are not treated in good time, there [...]

Compression therapy

Venous disorders are treated in various ways, depending on the scale and severity of the condition. Your doctor will help you select an appropriate treatment. Modern compression therapy is a tried-and [...]

Test your veins

Support stockings help to prevent venous diseases. Are your legs fit or at risk? Find out here.

Vein gymnastics

To prevent the occurrence of vein conditions, plan a few minutes for this short exercise programme into your day – you will only achieve the benefits though regular training. Besides, it’s a good id [...]

Hints for healthy veins

Nature tip: Contrast leg showers in the morning and evening also have an analeptic effect, since they increase the tension in the blood vessels and improve the performance of the immune system. Hig [...]

Walking - trendy and healthy

Walking is a sporting activity that is particularly beneficial for your veins. A healthy walk activates the muscle pump, thus boosting in a natural way the venous return of the blood to the heart with [...]