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Strong veins during pregnancy

For every woman a beautiful period full of hope. And a very special period for your body, which must now care “for two”. With progressing pregnancy and reduced mobility also the legs will be affected. Typical complaints may be a feeling of tension or heaviness in the legs, a tingling sensation at night and leg cramps.

Make your legs child-safe

As a result of the natural hormonal change, the veins, especially in the legs, increase their capacity for blood and distend significantly more than usual. At the same time the elasticity of the vascular walls deteriorates. This unfortunate interaction – all the more so if you have an inherited disposition towards venous disorder – can lead to the venous valves that are responsible for blood transport towards the heart, no longer closing properly and the blood pooling in the legs instead.

Also the pressure of the growing womb on the pelvic veins plays a role. BELSANA support and compression stockings help you prevent noticeably and visibly vein problems during pregnancy the natural way and without side effects.

For the prevention of venous disease of the legs during pregnancy:

BELSANA 70den with comfort panty part for pregnant women

BELSANA 280den glamour – stylish sheen, fine transparency!

In the case of developing or severe varicose veins during pregnancy –
it can be prescribed and is exempt from the prescription fee:

BELSANA microsoft with comfort panty part for pregnant women

BELSANA-tips for greater well-being

Look after yourself!

Even if during pregnancy you have a greater need for peace and quiet: remain active! You need not take on the world – simply a lot of movement in the fresh air will keep your legs in shape and will support your veins in transporting blood back to the heart.

But also while sitting you can by simply rolling the foot activate the vein pump and stimulate the return of the blood to the heart:

  • Alternately raise and lower the heels. Repeat 15-20 times.

Incidentally, not only during pregnancy. You can also do this exercise afterwards and anywhere, for example, while watching tv.

Special gymnastics programmes for pregnant women keep your whole body supple and vigorous –also with your “sweet burden”.

9-month plan (not only) for your legs:

  • wear comfortable shoes with the flattest possible heels
  • the right diet – you will be doing the best for yourself and your child
  • put your feet up – that stimulates blood return and creates periods of relaxation. Ideal, for example, the anatomically shaped BELSANA vein cushion. Your pharmacy will be happy to advise you.
  • activate all senses with colours and scents and create for yourself and for your child a pleasing environment.
  • don’t ignore because of your maternal bliss your own body. Find the time to treat yourself to attentive body care.