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Instructions on removing BELSANA magnide®

Have the following ready:

  • the BELSANA magnide®
  • BELSANA grip-Star special gloves with Secure grip profile – for a better grip and to protect the knitted fabric

Fit on aid

Slide the BELSANA magnide® over the foot. Ensure the red loop is on the bridge of the foot and the white loop is under the toes.

Fit on aid II

Tighten the red rubber band carefully at ankle level so that the aid sits pleasantly firm on the leg and cannot slip.

Pull the stocking over the stocking removal aid

Slide the stocking above the ankle with the help of the BELSANA grip-Star special gloves down the leg. At ankle level pull the stocking as far as possible over the aid. The rubber band prevents the BELSANA magnide® from slipping from the foot.

Slide stocking from foot

Use both hands to slide the stocking in small movements over the heel and foot. The smooth surface material makes it possible to slide the stocking without difficulty over the foot…

Remove aid

…and remove together with the stocking from the foot. Finally the BELSANA magnide® can be reassembled for future use.


Additional information:

  • Please note! The BELSANA magnide® is equipped with several magnets. Maintain a minimum distance of 30 cm in the case of heart pacemakers and defibrillators.

Preparation for re-use BELSANA magnide®

Fasten loop

Fasten the red loop on the back of the BELSANA magnide® by means of the magnet.

Turn 180°

Turn round the BELSANA magnide® and place on a flat surface. Make sure the donning aid is completely unfolded and the red loop does not lie on the blue material.

Close magnets

Fold the sides towards the middle so that the magnets close. Ensure the magnet pockets, red over their full area, lie on top of each other. The red seams are now visible on the outer side.

Fold over the toe flap

Fold down the white flap so that the magnet closes automatically on the blue material. The BELSANA magnide® is now again ready for future use.