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Care and washing instructions

The following advice will help you to care for your BELSANA stockings in such a way that they keep their compression effectiveness.

In order to preserve their compressive effect, BELSANA stockings should be treated with great care:

  • Your compression stockings are ready for immediate use. Our recommendation: wash before the first use.
  • In order to function fully, the stocking must be washed every day after being worn, or at least every second day.
  • Wash turned inside out with similar coloured garments at max. 40 °C.
  • For gentle care, we recommend a special detergent (e.g. BELSANA blau40) without fabric softener.
  • Rinse well, spin at slow speed, but do not wring out.
  • Dry on a towel or using your dryer at slow speed, never iron and do not dry on a radiator or in the sun.

All compression stocking articles sold by pharmacists are inspected for quality. They carry the quality mark of the German Quality Mark Association for Medical Compression Stockings and are periodically inspected by the independent Hohenstein Research Institute.

Medical compression stockings are largely fat and oil resistant but should, however, not come into contact with ointments. We recommend using compression-compatible and compression-tested skin care products. Generally, compression stockings with silicone-coated grip tops should not come into contact with solvents, ointments, moisturising wash lotions and body creams. This heavily restricts adhesion.

Ensure the inside of the footwear is in good condition. Defective or very tough interior material can cause damage to the stocking through increased friction. Protruding fibers can lead to the formation of fiber nodules (pilling). This is a normal process, which can occur with all textiles and is not a reason for complaint. Please store your medical compression stockings in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

You can find the expiry date of your compression stocking in the form of an hourglass on the packaging label. Please note that the service life of compression stockings is 36 months when stored properly. With regular use and due care, the maximum service life is six months.
Once this period has expired, the products are excluded from the warranty. Defects which are caused by normal wear or improper use are also excluded. Improper use also includes wearing of the stockings by another patient and subsequent product modification which is not carried out by BELSANA. Therefore, do not make repairs yourself. Proper repair is only ensured by your specialist dealer.