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The BELSANA Angel donning aid - ideal when personal mobility is restricted

The BELSANA Angel donning aid is ideal for putting on the stockings at home or when personal mobility is restricted. The robust frame with two movable handles makes the whole procedure child's play.

Please have the following ready

Step 1: Set up the BELSANA Angel

Step 2: Slide stocking onto the donning aid

  • Your medical compression stockings
  • The BELSANA Angel donning aid
  • We also recommend:
    BELSANA special textured rubber
    gloves – for better grip and to
    protect the fabric

Pull the “wings”, i.e. the handles, of the BELSANA Angel outwards and place the frame in front of you as shown above (e.g. on a table or on the bed). If the black end caps are at the top and are pointing towards you, the donning aid is set up correctly and you can now begin to put on your stockings.

Place the stocking in the opening so that the heel points towards you and the toes point away from you.
Then slide the top of the stocking over the crescent-shaped rod. When the stocking is in place, use both hands to start to slide the stocking firmly and evenly down onto the donning aid. Make sure that you place the stocking on the aid evenly all the way round. Continue to do this until the toe end is almost at the top.

Step 3: Step in

Step 4: Pull up

Step 5: Finish fitting

Place the donning aid on the floor and hold on to the handles. You can also do this while sitting.
Now slide your toes firmly into the tip of the stocking.

Make sure that your toes are correctly positioned in the tip of the stocking. Now begin to pull up the stocking evenly by using the handles. Firstly over the heel and then the leg. You can remove the donning aid by simply sliding it down from underneath the stocking. For tights, only put on one leg of the tights up to the calf and then the other as described.

Pull of the rest of the stocking evenly along the leg. Please do not tug at the grip top. Finally, distribute the fabric on the leg till free from wrinkles. Only a stocking that provides an allround comfortable fit can be fully effective and guarantee pleasant wearing comfort.