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BELSANA quality control

BELSANA compression and support stockings are made in Germany in line with the strictest standards of quality. The company is therefore certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and its products bear th [...]

Donning instructions BELSANA magnide®

Have the following ready: your medical compression stockings the BELSANA magnide® donning aid we also recommend: BELSANA grip-Star special gloves with Secure grip profile – for a better grip and t [...]

Instructions on removing BELSANA magnide®

Have the following ready: the BELSANA magnide® BELSANA grip-Star special gloves with Secure grip profile – for a better grip and to protect the knitted fabric [...]

BELSANA Angel donning aid

The BELSANA Angel donning aid is ideal for putting on the stockings at home or when personal mobility is restricted. The robust frame with two movable handles makes the whole procedure child's play. [...]

Care and washing

The following advice will help you to care for your BELSANA stockings in such a way that they keep their compression effectiveness. In order to preserve their compressive effect, BELSANA stockings sho [...]

Compression stockings vs. support stockings

Both product categories principally work in the same way: they help the blood in the veins to flow back from the foot to the heart by exerting pressure on the legs. The pressure is the highest in the [...]

How to find the right size

For a perfect fit and medically proper pressure gradation, it is essential that leg measurements be taken with due care and precision. Perfectly fitting stockings prevent the development of congestio [...]

Compression classes

The level of pressure exerted on the legs depends on the severity of the patient's condition: in principle, the greater the damage to the venous system is and the softer the connective tissue has beco [...]